Detailing Suffolk


FROM £150 | 1 DAY

This Is A Thorough Deep Clean Including A Multi Stage Wash, Decontamination To Remove Industrial Fallout Such As Iron, A Quality Protection Is Then Applied To The Paintwork, Wheels And Windows To Top Up Your Existing Ceramic Coating.

To Finish This Maintenance Wash We Dress The Tyres And Trims, Polish & Seal Exhaust Tips, Valet The Interior Then Finally Wipe And Dress The Engine Bay.

This Service Is Specifically For Customers Who Have Previously Had Ceramic Treatment On Their Vehicle, By Maintaining Your Vehicle And Coating You Will Be Extending The Life Time Of The Protection While Also Improving The Finish.

We Recommend This Service Every 6 Months Although It Is Not Mandatory, If You Do Not Maintain Your Coating Then It Will Degrade Faster, But You Can Extend The Maintenance Period If You Use Our Less Durable Top Up Product During General Valeting.

The Engine Bay Is Wiped Clean Using A Cleaner And Towels.

The Engine Bay Trims Are Dressed Using A Quality Water Based Dressing Leaving A Durable Satin Sheen.

The Vehicle Is Pre Washed Via Snow Foam, If The Vehicle Is Overly Dirty Then A More Aggressive Pre Wash Will Be Applied To Certain Areas Prior To Snow Foam, We Use This Time To Clean Hard To Reach Areas Such As Grills, Badges And The Fuel Filler.

The Under Arches Are Cleaned Using Brushes And A Cleaner To Remove Imbedded Dirt.

Fallout Remover Applied To Wheels To Remove Brake Dust Contamination.

The Wheels Are Cleaned Using A Variety Of Brushes And Mitts.

The Tyres Are Cleaned To Provide A Perfect Base For A Dressing.

Fallout Remover Applied To The Paintwork To Remove Iron Contamination.

The Vehicle Is Washed With A Quality Mitt Partnered With 2 Buckets To Help Prevent Any Damage During This Stage.

The Vehicle Is Dried Using A Plush Towel.

We Polish The Exhaust Tips With A Metal Polish And Wire Wool If Necessary.

We Apply A 6 Month Ceramic Sealant To The Paintwork, Wheels And Exhaust To Top Up Your Ceramic Coating.

The Windows Are Cleaned Using A Hydrophobic Cleaner To Be Sure They Are Bug, Dirt And Streak Free.

The Windows Are Sealed For Long Term Hydrophobicity And Ease Of Cleaning.

The Trims Are Dressed Using A Quality Water Based Dressing Leaving A Durable Satin Sheen.

The Tyres Are Dressed Using A Quality Water Based Dressing Leaving A Durable Satin Sheen.

Litter On The Interior Is Removed Ready For Disposal.

The Full Interior Undergoes An Intense Vacuum With All Mats Removed.

All Interior Windows Are Cleaned To Remove Smears.

All Interior Trims Are Cleaned.

The Fabrics Are Treated With A Deodoriser To Remove Bad Smells And Leave A Fresh Fragrance.

All Door Shuts Are Cleaned.