Detailing Suffolk


FROM £200 | 1 DAY

This Is A Thorough Detail Including A Multi Stage Wash, Decontamination To Remove Contaminants Such As Iron, Tar And Tree Sap.

Followed By A Quality Hand Polish To Improve Gloss And Imperfections, We Then Seal The Paintwork, Wheels And Windows With A Protection Lasting Up To 6 Months As Standard.

To Finish This Detail Off We Dress The Tyres And Trims, Polish & Seal Exhaust Tips, Valet The Interior Then Finally Wipe And Dress The Engine Bay.

This Service Is Great For Someone Looking To Improve Their Vehicles Appearance Without Going To A Level Of Paint Correction.

With The Addition Of Some Great Protection Making Future Washes Simple And Much More Amusing, Your Vehicle Will Require Little Maintenance For The Lifetime Of Your Chosen Protection.

We Recommend You View Our Protection Add-Ons To Enhance The Finish Of Your Vehicle.

The Engine Bay Is Wiped Clean Using A Cleaner And Towels.

The Engine Bay Trims Are Dressed Using A Quality Water Based Dressing Leaving A Durable Satin Sheen.

The Vehicle Is Pre Washed Via Snow Foam, If The Vehicle Is Overly Dirty Then A More Aggressive Pre Wash Will Be Applied To Certain Areas Prior To Snow Foam, We Use This Time To Clean Hard To Reach Areas Such As Grills, Badges And The Fuel Filler.

The Under Arches Are Cleaned Using Brushes And A Cleaner To Remove Imbedded Dirt.

Fallout Remover Applied To Wheels To Remove Brake Dust Contamination.

The Wheels Are Cleaned Using A Variety Of Brushes And Mitts.

The Tyres Are Cleaned To Provide A Perfect Base For A Dressing.

Fallout Remover Applied To The Paintwork To Remove Iron Contamination.

The Vehicle Is Washed With A Quality Mitt Partnered With 2 Buckets To Help Prevent Any Damage During This Stage.

The Vehicle Is Dried Using A Plush Towel.

The Paintwork And Windows Are Mechanically Decontaminated Via Clay Bar.

The Paintwork And Wheels Are Polished By Hand Using A Specialist Polish To Improve The Finish.

We Polish The Exhaust Tips With A Metal Polish And Wire Wool If Necessary.

We Apply A 6 Month Ceramic Sealant To The Paintwork, Wheels And Exhaust To Top Up Your Ceramic Coating.

The Windows Are Cleaned Using A Hydrophobic Cleaner To Be Sure They Are Bug, Dirt And Streak Free.

The Windows Are Sealed For Long Term Hydrophobicity And Ease Of Cleaning.

The Trims Are Dressed Using A Quality Water Based Dressing Leaving A Durable Satin Sheen.

The Tyres Are Dressed Using A Quality Water Based Dressing Leaving A Durable Satin Sheen.

Litter On The Interior Is Removed Ready For Disposal.

The Full Interior Undergoes An Intense Vacuum With All Mats Removed.

All Interior Windows Are Cleaned To Remove Smears.

All Interior Trims Are Cleaned.

The Fabrics Are Treated With A Deodoriser To Remove Bad Smells And Leave A Fresh Fragrance.

All Door Shuts Are Cleaned.

  • Protection Add-ons
  • Service Add-ons
  • Fusso Coat Exterior Protection
  • Ceramic Windscreen Coating
  • Ceramic Wheel Coating
  • Ceramic Trim Coating
  • Interior/Soft Top Fabric Coating
  • Ceramic Leather & Vinyl Coating

Fusso Coat is an alternative to ceramic coatings, with ceramic properties it will still provide the finish, water behaviour and self cleaning to a ceramic coating, just without the hardness. Fusso Coat is great for someone looking for the finish and performance of a ceramic coating but is not so worried about durability or wanting to save on cost. (Up To 1 Year Durability*) From £50. *Maintenance will be required for maximum durability.

Gtechniq G1 is a ceramic coating for windows, mainly front and rear screens. G1 makes driving in the rain safer and more comfortable due to not needing to use the wipers meaning no smearing, water runs off the glass quick enough to leave the screen clear, from 30mph heavy rain will run off and just light rain will run of at motorway speeds. G1 also prevents dirt and bugs sticking with the benefit of not needing screen wash. In the summer you use water and in the winter you use a dedicated screen wash. (Up To 2 Year Durability) Windscreen £30 / Rear Screen £20.

Carbon Collective Platinum Wheel sealant is an 9H coating which can be used on painted, powder coated, bare metal aluminium and stainless finishes. Once applied the coating becomes the active layer on top of the wheels surface, protecting them from dirt, brake dust contaminants and even scratches. With a resistance to heat up to 350 degrees. (Up To 2 Years Durability) Wheel Faces £50 / Full Wheels £150.

Carbon Collective Platinum Trim Coating is a ceramic coating designed for plastics and trim. Carbon Collective Platinum Trim will restore and protect your trims while leaving a darkened OEM level satin finish. Your trims will be protected from UV rays, Chemicals and contaminants. Carbon Collective Trim coating can also be used on brand new plastics as a preventative protective layer to prevent against fading and staining. (Up To 2 Years Durability) £POA.

Gtechniq I1 is a ceramic coating designed specifically for interior fabrics and soft tops. With I1 applied your fabrics will be protected against spillages making an easy clean up due to liquid not soaking in. When I1 is applied to your soft top water is unable to soak in and dirt is unable to imbed making cleaning much easier, I1 will protect against staining and fading resulting in your interior fabrics/soft top retaining their condition much longer.  (Up To 3 Years Durability) £POA.

By having your leather and vinyl treated you will be protecting the surfaces from UV, staining, dirt and dye transfer, this will make cleaning much easier while retaining the condition much longer, the coating will have no visual effect so the the surfaces will retain the OEM look. (Up To 2 Years Durability) £POA.

  • Soft Top Detail
  • Wheels Off Detail
  • Door Shut Detail
  • Stone Chip & Scratch Repair
  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
  • Brake Caliper Refurbishment
  • Paintless Dent Removal

A Soft Top Detail includes a deep clean of the soft top to remove dirt and staining in preparation for sealing. The soft top is sealed using a 3 year coating that will protect against UV, dirt, staining and water damage. The protection is highly hydrophobic meaning water and dirt cannot soak or imbed in to the soft top fabric while also making the soft top far easier to clean. We recommend this every few years to retain the condition of the soft top. From £75.

A Wheels Off Detail is a deep clean of the full wheels, calipers, under arches and all accessible components behind the wheels using a combination of steam, degreasers and tools. The wheels and calipers are thoroughly cleaned chemically and mechanically in preparation for the application of a 2 year wheel and caliper specific ceramic coating. The under arches and components are then dressed for protection. From £200.

A Door Shut Detail is a deep clean of your vehicles door shuts to remove debris, dirt, oil and watermarks, the door shuts are then polished in preparation to be either sealed or ceramic coated. From £50.

We can repair stone chips and scratches with different methods to suit you and your vehicle. wither you want the stone chips to be as perfect as possible we can touch in and blend by wet sanding and polishing or if you just want to tidy them up we can simply touch them in after polishing. £POA.

While your vehicle is with us we're able to refurb your alloy wheels upon request. Wether this is due to damage or you're after a different colour/finish we can offer you the highest quality refurbishment in our area. £POA.

While your vehicle is with us we're able to refurb your brake calipers upon request. Wether this is due to damage or you're after a different colour/finish we can offer you the highest quality refurbishment in our area. £POA.

Wether your vehicle has picked up dings or a dent we're able to have these removed via paintless dent removal while your vehicle is with us. £POA.