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A Enhancement Detail is a great place to start if you are looking to improve your vehicle on a small budget, offering lovely added gloss & depth with some solid protection to get you started in the world of detailing. Unlike most businesses offering this service we apply our product via machine rather than hand to guarantee an even application with the added cut and cleaning power. This is not a paint correction, the cut is minimal. The product we use has fillers and enhancing agents meaning it will hide a good amount of imperfections, although temporary and will last as long as you maintain your protection. This service is a full package and will include everything a paint correction package does, minus the paint correction. Please use our estimation tool below for an idea on pricing.


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1+ Years Added Protection Over Standard 6 Months
1+ Years Added Protection Over Standard 6 Months
1+ Years Added Protection Over Standard 6 Months
1+ Years Added Protection Over Standard 6 Months
1+ Years Added Protection Over Standard 6 Months


The ceramic coating we use is a wheel specific coating which is much more resistant to higher temperatures, brake dust and dirt. The coating is durable for to 2+ years and will out perform a standard coating. During a wheels off detail all components are cleaned and under arches are dressed.


Ultra hydrophobic window coating that will make water run off leaving a clear screen at speed making visibility much better in poor weather and prevents the need of wipers. Bugs and dirt will not bond as aggressively making the windows much easier to clean. Durable for up to 2 years. Side windows are sealed with standard sealant if you have not opted for window coating.


Trim coatings are used to protect plastic finishes and restore to a “OEM+” black finish. Durable for up to 2 years.


A soft top detail is a deep clean to remove any marks, staining and debris, the soft top is then vacuumed and air dried before applying a 2-3 year protection which will help repel dirt and make cleaning easier.


An engine bay detail is a deep clean of the full engine bay to as far deep as we can get, we use a series of brushes teamed up with a steamer and a good cleaner. The engine bay is then dressed to improve the finish and protect.


An interior detail consists of a full deep clean of every item with the help of a steamer, a range of brushes, cleaners and wet vacuuming, the process of an interior detail will leave a like new cabin space.


We use a leather and trim ceramic coating lasting up to 2 years which will protect against UV, make surfaces easier to clean and prevent dye transfer on seats.


This service is for the very particular people, a door shut detail is a deep clean, polish and protect with ceramic coating, this will remove any water spotting and help protect from any future dirt and water marks.
Please ask us about our PPF, Wheel refurbishment, Caliper refurbishment, Headlight refurbishment and any other services you may require as they are POA.
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